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246 Riley Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: 02 9211 0066

Operator License #010639

TO INDUCE Jacob Morris (License #103165) to tattoo my ___________________, and in consideration of his/her doing so, I hereby release the tattoo studio, and it’s employees and agents, from all manner of liabilities, claims, actions and demands, in law or in equity, which I or my heirs have or might have now or hereafter by reason of complying with my request to be tattooed.

I FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT ANY EMPLOYEE or agent of this studio when performing a tattoo does not act in capacity of a medical professional.  The suggestions made by any employee or agency of the shop are just suggestions.  They are not to be construed or substituted for advice from a medical professional.

I UNDERSTAND I WILL BE TATTOOED using appropriate instruments and techniques.  To ensure proper healing of my tattoo, I agree to follow the aftercare suggestions outlined in the written tattoo aftercare instructions provided to me until healing is complete.  I understand that a tattoo usually takes 2 weeks or longer to heal.


I WILLINGLY SUBMIT TO THESE PROCEDURES, with a full understanding of possible complications such as, but not limited to, infection, allergic reaction or rejection of ink.  Neither the Artist nor the Tattoo studio is responsible for the meaning or spelling of the symbol that I have provided to them or chose from the flash (design) sheets.


I HAVE RECEIVED A COPY OF THE WRITTEN TATTOO AFTER INSTRUCTIONS, which I have read and fully understand and hereby assume full responsibility for aftercare and cleanliness, I understand that by having this tattoo performed that I am making a permanent change to my body and no claims have been made regrading the ability to undo the changes made.  I have signed this release on _____/_____/_____ at _____:_____am/pm.

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